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AS Design’s Nathan Cockburn gets to know more about the town he grew up in, and the variety of products either made or sold here.

Nathan is a designer and web developer who has worked on the launch of Prudhoe Business Magazine

His article includes references to other features in the magazine, which you can read online.

When we first started talking about launching a business magazine for Prudhoe, I got looking around on Google Maps to see what businesses were around here.

 I have always lived in Prudhoe, so of course I knew a lot of the shops, pubs and restaurants, but something that hadn’t dawned on me was how many independent businesses and small North East brands we have in the town, with far less reliance on national and global chains.

As I spent a few hours – for the first time ever – travelling round Prudhoe meeting business owners for the photoshoot for this issue, even I was surprised at some of the products that are either made or sold on my doorstep.

Even on Front Street, where I’ve been countless times over the last 21 years, I went into shops I’d never needed to go into before. Like Ready Steady Knit (see interview on page 14). While we were in there, my colleague Alan told me that shops like this are part of our retail heritage.

He said to me: “Visiting Pauline’s shop was like a trip down memory lane for me, as my mam used to drag me in and out of wool shops all the time when I was a kid. I was obsessed with the buttons that came in all different shapes and sized and were kept in tubes with a button attached to the lid. So seeing that after nearly 40 years took me back.”

 We also visited The Pudding Parlour (see page 30), which doesn’t have a shop-fronted outlet, but still sells to the public. Owners Kristy and Greg gave us a box of free brownies to take away, which were amazing and had caramel chocolate eggs on top. Our shoot was a few days before Mother’s Day so I repaid the favour by getting my mam something from there. I wanted to try the Jammy Dodger cake too but that was just a bonus.

Living in a digital age, where everyone is on social media, we were contacted by a few independent product makers who don’t necessarily have a shop, but either sell online or via other retailers.

 So we decided to put together this collection of some of the Prudhoe products we’ve come across during the making of our first issue – as well as some ‘Mam’ cards I designed for one our businesses, North East Gifts.

 Ready Steady Knit, Front Street

A trip down memory lane (if you’re 40+). Look for @readysteadyknit on Instagram.

 North East Gifts, Marquis Court, Low Prudhoe

Mam cards are hard to find – even in the North East – and especially for those who have moved away from the region. North East Gifts has loads, as well as hundreds of regional-themed gifts too. Order at and you can collect from their unit in Prudhoe.

 The Pudding Parlour, Earl’s Court, Low Prudhoe

A range of cakes, brownies, handmade chocolates and more.  Order at the back door and look for @ThePuddingParlour on Instagram.

North Star Print, Home-Based, Prudhoe

Started by Adelle Stokoe, so she could work from home after having her first baby, North Star Print is an ethical clothing and gift company. Adelle’s products are made at home and sold online and in shops including Hexham’s Beautiful Betty. Order by DM via on Instagram.

 JewelGemJewellery, Sold at Fab Face And Body, Front Street

Hand made by Gemma Bainbridge from her studio in Blaydon, mainly using recycled sterling silver with seaglass and gemstones. Gemma also creates memorial pieces using ashes and hair. Look for @JewelGemJewellery on Instagram.

 Prudhoe Pet Centre, Station Rd, just off Front Street

Pet food, including own-branded cat and dog food, plus accessories, toys, grooming and medical products. Look for Prudhoe Pet Centre on Facebook.