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Prudhoe Town Allotment Sites:

Prudhoe Town allotments are situated at Castle Dene, Stoney Flatts, Edgewell and Redwell in Prudhoe. The allotment sites are provided by Prudhoe Town Council and managed by Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association. Allotment plots can only be rented by people who live within the parish boundary which includes Mickley and Prudhoe.

Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association Committee:

Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association has a committee which is responsible for the running of the association. Their duties includes managing the allotment waiting lists, collecting annual rents and membership fees, regular inspections of the allotments every year to ensure that these are maintained to an acceptable standard, accounts, association records, running the Hut, dealing with site matters such as repairs to taps, access and any other problems that tenants may have.

Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association Hut:

Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association runs the Gardeners’ Association Hut situated behind the West Wylam Inn in Prudhoe. The Hut opens on Saturday mornings. From January to the end of September the opening hours are 10 am till 12 noon. From October to November we open from 10 am till 11 am but close in December till the first Saturday after the New Year holiday.

Prudhoe Gardeners’ Association Hut Facilities:

The Hut stocks a wide variety of basic gardening requirements including seeds, fertilisers, compost, canes and legal pesticides. We do not sell plants, seed potatoes or onion sets however as we do not have the facilities to care for these items. As we are a not for profit association we are able to sell our stock at prices which can only be described as very good value.

We take names for the waiting lists,  and deal with queries as well as taking rent and membership payments whilst the Hut is open. We carry show schedules for people who wish to see the classes that are available in the months leading up to the Prudhoe Town Show.


Our Address:

Hut behind West Wylam Inn, Front Street, Prudhoe

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